WHY Do This ?

Because our young adults with special needs need your help!

Golden Heart Ranch® (GHR) is proud to announce that we recently purchased 22.4 acres in Agoura Hills and your participation in this Adventure will support the building of our residential community where young adults with special needs can live, learn, work and socialize side-by-side in a harmonious and caring environment that is emotionally and physically safe.

The work we are doing is important to our community because it affects our children. 90% of special needs children are not able to move out of the home upon turning 18 – because there is no where to go… and the problem is growing. We are one of the few nonprofits in the nation addressing this serious probl

WHERE is the Golden Heart Adventure?

The adventure will be held at Golden Heart Ranch in Agoura Hills.

WHO can participate in the Golden Heart Adventure?

Over 18? Join the Adventure!
Looking for a great team building opportunity for your company? Join the Adventure!

Teams are 4-6 players of your co-workers, friends, jogging buddies, book club members, coffee mates, zumba dancing friends, dog walking partners and families (you get the picure).

How do you win the Golden Heart Adventure?

The winner is the participant with the most "Heart!"  In other words, the team that raises the most money. Click here for How To Win.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

  • Grand Champion (team raising the most money)
  • Adventure First Place (team winning the adventure on the day)
  • Adventure Second Place (aka First Loser)
  • Best Costume 
  • Jackass Move of the Day
  • Coverted NGFL Award: Race Last Place ​